Thank You's

Planning for our Ride has been a huge undertaking requiring endless hours of research and planning. There have been moments of joy, moments of concern, and moments of fear and anxiety. Staying the course and sticking to the knitting over this past year, we have now arrived at three weeks out from our departure. We feel ready and we feel our horses are ready. We have a few loose ends to tend to, but after all we have accomplished so far, we know we have made into the home stretch. A lot of work goes into an adventure of this magnitude, and we would be remiss in not acknowledging the tremendous amount of constant and unwavering support we have been blessed to receive by so many.

Dick and Joyce Williams, with their sweet four-legged's Rugger and Cowgirl: Our amazing and very gracious hosts who have been so Incredibly accommodating and helpful. Not only are they experienced horse people, but they are incredibly knowledgeable about the area and are helping us a ton

Sweet Design: logo, website, guidance and a tremendous amount of support though the entire process.

Mary Sweet: Food planning and preparation

Greeley Hat Works: Diane's Hat

Michael & Art @ Paul Bond Boots: Diane's Boots. amazing work, and excellent customer service.

Danny Josephson @ We sincerely appreciate your guidance in choosing our tent and sleeping pads.

Shawn and Jessica for helping with barn chores and prepping rental house when we were over our heads with chores.

Fran Sherwood for taking in two of our herd, Chloe and Jewell, and giving them forever homes.

Liz Fireman for taking in one of our herd, Blizzard, and giving her a forever home.

Bob Desormeaux for taking such good care of our horses feet in preparation for the journey.

Shawna @ Happiness Through Horses for taking in one of our herd, Isaac, and giving him a forever home playing with children.

Steve Conrad @ McGuckin Hardware for tips and advice on multiple various pieces of equipment.

Rozza Neeley @ Latigo Lariat for assistance with saddles and pack saddle gear.

Danna and Bill @ Saddle Up for assistance and great deals on gear.

Nikki Toscano @ Jax Sporting Goods for help with our sleeping bags.


All of our friends and family who have provided unwavering support for our journey!